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Why Contract Interpretation and Translation Services?

  • Accuracy- When you work with an interpretation and translation firm that is guided by state and national standards, you can expect a level of accuracy that you may question when using a colleague or friend or relative of your client/patient. In legal and medical matters especially, there is no room for error.

  • Impartiality- To give an example, you wouldn't want a victim of domestic violence to have her words translated by her significant other's best friend, correct?  When you bring in an outside individual that is experienced, that person hangs his or her reputation and credentials on being impartial, whereas someone close to the situation has nothing preventing them from injecting their own bias into the words they are interpreting.

  • Professionalism- Having an expert team that you contract with to provide certified interpretation and translations services lets your clients and patients know that you are invested in meeting their needs completely. Accurate and reliable interpretation and translation services are another way that your company, regardless of industry can demonstrate a commitment to the equal treatment of your non-English speaking client, patients, employees and visitors.

Why Work with Castillo Language Services?

  • Experience-   Castillo Language Services, Inc. President/Owner Javier Castillo, Jr.  has over a decade of experience interpreting and translating across different fields and at levels ranging from local community clinics, to federal courts, to multi-national conferences.  All of the additional members of our team are chosen specifically for their experience and training. 
  • Continuing Education-   Castillo Language Services is committed to continuing the learning process and networking with other individuals throughout the interpreting community to keep abreast of changing trends in the industries that we serve.  Before beginning work with our company, each of our linguists must undergo rigorous training to ensure that he or she is suitable for work in a high-stakes environment. In addition, we offer courses for you and your team to learn about the matters that effect you with respect to working with your non-English speaking clients.
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