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Medical Translation & Interpretation Services

Translating and interpreting in the medical setting demands a unique skill set because both the technical definition of the language being used as well as the meaning behind statements that are made are crucial to patient and physician communication.  Using ad-hoc interpreters (family members, friends, bilingual staff) can be detrimental to providing patient care, as miscommunication of a single word can cause a misdiagnosis and lead to serious, even fatal consequences. 

At Castillo Language Services, our team of interpreters consistently maintain a working knowledge of medical terminology, regulations and privacy standards to uphold our industry leading standards in interpretation and translation.

Check out some of the medical specific services we offer below.  If you are ready to start the process, submit the form located on the Request a Quote form and a representative will be in contact with you in the next 24-48 hours.


Office Visits, Therapy Sessions, Psychiatric Evaluations:  We can provide on-site interpreters to help you and your patients communicate clearly.  

 Conferences- The skills that our linguists utilize to ensure accurate interpretation during patient consulations is also very effective in interpreting at a variety of medical conferences.  Medicine is a study where the margins for error are slim; so it is imperative that all parties involved have the best chance at hearing the same message. 



Bilingual Intake Forms, Patient Information Sheet(s), Consent & Authorization Forms- Simple differences in terminology across languages can make it difficult to provide bilingual patient forms that ask the right questions and provide information in the right way.  Our team's extensive knowledge of languages and the meaning behind the words ensures accuracy in translating forms so that patients interpret written materials and questionnaires in the way they were intended.


Foreign Medical Records- Medical records can be difficult to interpret when they are coming from a practice out-of-state, let alone when they are coming from another country and are in a non-English language.  Our linguists are able to correctly translate medical conditions, transcriptions and other notes present in foreign medical records.



Castillo Language Services offers routine courses to provide our medical community partners with helpful insight in dealing with non-English speaking patients and their families.

Working with Hispanic Patients- From understanding cultural tendencies to developing skills to more effectively communicate across language barriers, this course well help you and your staff  provide the highest level of care for your Hispanic patients.

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