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Legal Translation & Interpretation Services

Court/legal/judicial interpreting has some of the highest standards in the interpreting world, because every statement, utterance and nuance must be accurately transmitted.   

For our work in the legal field, we work only with the top interpreters.

Our interpreting team, led by Javier Castillo, Jr. ,a Federally Certified Court Interpreter, and NC AOC Certified Court interpreter, includes both Federally Certified Court Interpreters who are certified by the U.S. Administrative Office of the Courts and State Certified Court Interpreters, who are certified by the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, as well as by other states AOCs.  

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Office Visits, Jail Visits, Phone Conferences- It can be difficult for legal counsel to prepare a defense for a client when there is a language barrier present.  We provide reliable interpretation services to bridge the gap and facilitate the communication process between lawyer and client.

Depositions, Administrative Hearings, Civil and Criminal Trials, Witness Debriefing, I.C. Hearings- When legal hearings and trials are underway, it's necessary to ensure that all parties participating can clearly understand and comprehend what is being said and discussed.  Impartial interpreting from a reliable individual or team is key to ensuring equality.  At Castillo Language Services, years of experience as a state and federal courts certified interpreter have provided the experience that legal teams seek when contracting for the position.


Advertisements- If you are in the business of practicing law, don't alienate part of your target audience by not delivering advertisements in a  language that they can understand.  We can assist you in translating print, web, radio and television advertisements to ensure that your non-English speaking clientele receive the same message as their counterparts.

Client Correspondence, Discovery Documents, Birth/Death Certificates- In preparing for criminal and civil litigation, you may encounter documents that require translation, especially if you are working with a non-English speaking client. Don't leave important correspondence and other materials to a client's family member or colleague when jail time, fines and other penalties hang in the balance- choose a trusted, qualified translator from Castillo Language Services.

Contracts, Settlement Agreements, Plea Offers- Ensure that both lawyer and client have a clear understanding of any contracts, agreements and plea bargains before committing with a signature. Trust our team to translate these items effectively, and leave no room for misunderstanding or error.

Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services- Unfortunately, many of our clients come to us after having received unreliable interpreting services from another party, be it third party or internal.  However, we are up to the task of challenging the work of an unqualified interpreter, and providing a basis to strike down information that was interpreted improperly.  We understand the ramifications that can be caused when statements are interpreted or translated wrong, and take great pride in not only correcting any prior issues and certifying their accuracy, but ensuring that all future interpreting completed with our company are exact and reliable.

Javier Castillo, Jr. has provided expert witness services for both the North Carolina State Courts and the U.S. District Courts.

Transcription and Translation

Transcription and Translation- Are there audio files, recordings, phone conversations and the like that your team needs for legal matters but they are in another language?  Our expertise in linguistics renders us capable of first transcribing the files needed in their original language, then accurately translating them into the language that you need.

Continuing Education Courses

Challenging the State's Out-of-Court Interpreters

Defending non-English Speaking Clients

Working with Interpreters in a Multicultural Classroom

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