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Corporate Translation & Interpretation Services

Language is important; the words we use and the way we use them. When faced with a language barrier, you want to make sure that there aren't barriers to understanding your message.  Castillo Language Services , Inc. can help you communicate clearly and precisely across language and culture.

At Castillo Language Services, we know the importance of professional translation and interpretation. In this multi-lingual and global society, poor translation and interpretation can lead to dire legal, medical and even diplomatic ramifications.  

Our international network of professional linguists, many of whom hold state and national level certifications, have both foundational language knowledge and extensive cultural knowledge that is needed to accurately convey spoken and written word between parties.  You mean what you say and we help others to understand just that.  

Castillo Language Services provides reliable interpretation and translation services in the legal, medical and corporate arenas. Our interpretation work includes conferences, seminars, medical visits, depositions and trials; and our translation work ranges from brochures, manuals, medical forms, and advertisements to contracts, settlement agreements and everything between.  

Language is important. Castillo Language Services wants to work with you to make sure that what you say and how you say stays the same, regardless of the language.

We detail more about our corporate services below; please contact us or request a quote online to get started.  If you don't see the service you need listed, just ask us!



External Events: Conferences, Seminars, National or International Expos- When your company presents a message, ensure it is clear to all parties in attendance. After all, one of the biggest components of brand-building is cohesive messaging.  Many of our linguists have earned elite state and national certifications as interpreters, giving them the credentials to support their skill.  We are able to provide unbiased, concise interpretations of any live event without compromising professionalism.

Internal Events: Orientations, HR Meetings, Corporate Tours, Travel Abroad- Need to complete an internal orientation session or meeting but have one or more attendees that do not hold your language as their native?  Have partners from abroad coming for a visit but know there exists a language barrier?  Our interpretation services are the answer to all of the above.  When you enlist an interpreter from our team, you'll ensure that your message is communicated in a way that is straightforward and easy-to-understand.



Promotional/Marketing Materials: Websites, Brochures, Advertisements, Signage- Reaching your complete target audience is dependent upon offering marketing efforts that are written in a language that each can understand- literally. Castillo Language Services offers the translation of websites, brochures and other marketing documents such as video and radio scripts. Our expertise not only in conversational language but the foundational aspects of linguistics including grammar and sentence structure render us capable of delivering dependable translations of your materials.

Corporate Documents, Manuals, Forms and Job Duties- When hiring individuals or serving an audience that do(es) not have the same native language as your company or you personally, it's imperative to offer internal documents and safety manuals in a language that they can read and comprehend.  If you are entering into any type of contractual relationship with an employee, or asking them to adhere to company policies, it's in the best interest of both parties to have a complete understanding of what's required. We can translate  internal employee documents such as employee manuals, job requirements, insurance forms or tax forms into any language you would like.  With our certified linguists on the task, you can rest assured your documents will be accurate and completed in a timely manner.

Audio/Video Dubbing & Subtitles- If you are utilizing audio messaging, such as radio advertising, or rich media, such as television spots and helpful videos to reach your target audience or train staff internally, our team can provide translations in the language(s) that you require.



Marketing to Latinos: Culture and Language Issues- We combine our knowledge of Hispanic culture and custom with our knowledge of linguistics to shed light on marketing to this unique audience.


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